Roccasecca – Italy

The International Flute Workshop (IFW) is a five day long festival that gathers an enthusiastic group of talented artists and flute enthusiasts in the gorgeous and historically rich Italian city of Roccasecca. This year IFW will be from May 19 to 23, 2022. Participants will play beautiful chamber music, receive private lessons, perform in masterclasses, attend recitals, visit historic sites, and enjoy wonderful cuisine. 

IFW provides a welcome and inclusive environment to all its participants. All activities are designed not only to provide high level of instruction, but also great performance opportunities, and lots of enjoyment. IFW is proud to have a superb team of inspiring, talented, and friendly artists in its roster. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and play with our artists!

IFW has been working very hard with the local authorities and organizers in Italy to make a festival that is welcoming, fun, and affordable. Please, check out our Programs and Fees for information on participation and availability. 

Thanks for Flute Specialists, we have started a generous scholarship program. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

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